Native American Students

Financial Needs Analysis (FNA) Process

The FNA, or Financial Needs Analysis form, is a key part of your tribal scholarship application and must be completed each semester or year, depending on your tribe/tribal organization. The form contains information on your Arizona cost of attendance (tuition, fees, room/board etc.) and the resources (financial aid, Estimated Family Contribution from the FAFSA) you are receiving for the corresponding academic year or semester.

Your tribe or nation will use the FNA to determine your eligibility for their scholarship and/or grant funding. An FNA is usually included in your tribe's scholarship application. Generally, you must first complete your personal information and sign the FNA form, allowing our office to submit your information.

Please submit any FNA request to Yamne Callejas,

FNA Checklist
  1. Complete your 2022-2023 Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA)

  2. Ensure you're enrolled in your UAccess Student Center

  3. Complete the Authorization For Release Information Form and submit it to

  4. Submit your Tribal Enrollment Verification 

  5. Submit your FNA to the College of Medicine Financial Aid Office specifying what term or academic year the form is intended for, where to submit the FNA, and the deadline. 


Tribal Enrollment Verification System

The Tribal Enrollment Verification System is for Native students who are enrolled members of a federally- or state-recognized U.S. tribe.

Your tribal enrollment documentation can be requested by a university department or entity as part of your eligibility criteria for institutional funding and/or Arizona residency classification for tuition purposes. This webpage is a one-time, one-stop secure location where you can voluntarily upload your verification document (i.e., Certificate of Indian Blood, Tribal Membership Card, Tribal Enrollment Certificate, etc.), which will be accessible only by authorized University of Arizona personnel.

For more information or questions, contact Karen Francis-Begay, Assistant Vice Provost, Native American Initiatives, Office of the Provost at or 520-621-0964.