Accepting your Financial Aid

Accepting Grants and Scholarships 

You do not need to accept any grants or scholarships. These will automatically credit to your Bursar account.

Accepting Loans

You can accept your loans at any time during the academic year as long as the following requirements are met:

  • Have filed the FAFSA and been awarded Federal Direct Unsubsidized/GradPlus Loans.

  • Meet the Satisfactory Academic Progress standards for financial aid.
  • Do not have outstanding "To Do" items in UAccess.

When you accept a loan, the full amount will be split into two disbursements (for the Fall and Spring semesters).

Financial Aid Accept/Decline Steps:



   In UAccess Student complete the following for loan acceptance: 

  1. Log into your UAccess Student Center and select Financial Aid Summary under the Financial Aid menu.
  2. Select the appropriate aid year using the Change Year button and click the Accept Self-Help Aid button. 
    • 2024 for the 2023-2024 academic year
  3. You can elect to accept less than the full amount offered by clicking the Partial Amount button, entering the amount you would like to accept in the Accepted Amount field, and clicking Submit. If you would like to accept the full amount offered, click the Full Amount button and click Submit.
  4. Follow the prompts to complete the acceptance process. 


Financial Aid Authorization

   If you want financial aid to cover your expenses billed on your Bursar's beyond tuition and fees, you need to grant permissions.

   In UAccess Student complete the following:

  1. Select ‘Financial Aid Authorization’ link
  2. Click the ‘grant permissions’ button (disable popup blocker temporarily)


REQUIRED ONLY FOR: First-time UA borrowers and valid for 10 years

Complete the following at www.StudentAid.Gov:

  1. Master Promissory Note (MPN)* for the Federal Direct Unsubsidized Loan and a seperate MPN is required for Federal Direct Graduate PLUS 
  2. Loan Entrance Counseling *

*Note: it can require 3-4 business days for the ED transcript to import into UAccess 

Requirements For Disbursement 


COURSE DATES: If you do not have a Fall 2023 course that begins on your respective start date, then your financial aid will NOT disburse until 10 days prior to the start of your first enrolled course and a ‘Fin Aid Disbursement Hold’ will be added to your UAccess Student account.