Disbursement Information

We disburse financial aid beginning on the first official disbursement day of each semester. Disbursements always take place during the business week.

Upcoming Semester Disbursements
Spring  2017 Financial Aid Disbursements will Start the week of 01/04/2017
Please note it might require  3-7 business days to receive your refund.


Your financial aid awards are typically packaged for the academic year and are divided into two equal halves for a Fall and Spring disbursement.

Any funds remaining in your bursar’s account will be used to pay off your balance before they are refunded to you via check or web refund. Checks may take 5-7 business days to arrive, and web refunds may take 2-4 business days to show in your bank account.

Outstanding requirements in UAccess may delay your disbursements. Check your “To Do List” and “Notices & Holds” in UAccess Student Center to confirm you have satisfied all your requirements.

You must be registered for at least 9 units order to receive your disbursement.

Grants, Scholarships, Waivers and Stipends

The College of Medicine – Tucson Financial Aid Office confirms that disbursement conditions are met for grants, scholarships, waivers and stipends. We do not approve or deny these awards since they are managed by other organizations.

If you are to receive QTR or any third-party payments, we will coordinate your financial aid awards around these funds. The amount of your financial aid awarded will be reduced. Please tell us if you are anticipating a QTR or other third-party payment.