Class of 2022 Sessions

Class of 2022 Loan Exit Session 

on Wednesday, March 16, 2022 from 8am-12pm

The Office of Financial Aid is committed to educate and provide resources which help facilitate and empower students in making wise financial decisions. Upon graduation students are able to meet with the Director of Office of Financial Aid to discuss the various tools to understand loan repayment options such as:

  • Federal loan repayment programs
  • How to access your student loans through StudentAid.Gov
  • Public Service Loan forgiveness
  • Tax Benefits for Medical Students and Residents

To make an appointment please email:

2021-2022 Financial Literacy Sessions

The Financial Aid Office offers a series of debt management and financial literacy sessions each year presented by our staff as well as other experts in the field. These sessions help you learn to manage your educational debt and to better understand the fundamentals of personal finance.

Loan Exit Session for Class of 2022



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