College of Medicine Scholarship

Incoming and continuting students who wish to be considered for an institutional medical scholarship must complete a profile with Scholarship Universe , and file the Federal Financial Aid Application for each academic year.  **Note the Federal Aid Application must be completed by the scholarship deadline**  


Deadline for submission of Scholarship Application is May 30, 2014 in addition, in order for your scholarship application to be considered complete, your 2014-2015 Federal Aid application must also have been received by that date.



1.       LOG IN to Scholarship Universe with your UA Net ID and Password.


2.       PROFILE - Answer ALL questions asked in the ‘PROFILE’ tab to be matched to scholarships you are eligible to apply for

a.       Returning users – before starting to apply make sure your previously answered profile answers are accurate. See ‘Key Questions’ in the Troubleshooting section below.

b.      First time users - this step may take ten to twenty minutes if you’ve never created a profile before.


3.       ELIGIBLE FOLDER - After your profile is up to date and/or completed, look in the ‘SCHOLARSHIPS’ tab and your ‘ELIGIBLE’ folder for blue colored scholarships with (COMT) at the end of the name.

a.       05/30/2014 deadline is for non-research specific COMT scholarships.

b.      06/02/2014 deadline is for research specific COMT scholarships.


4.       SCHOLARSHIP DETAILS - open one of the COMT scholarships and scroll down to the ‘Apply Here’ section at the bottom of the scholarship you opened. You will see instructions on how to apply. You will also see a ‘Bonus’ section if you eligible for more than one College of Medicine scholarship that shares the same application.


5.       APPLICATION STEPS - Follow ALL the instructions in the ‘Apply Here’ section such as, make sure you download the required personal statement template(s) by clicking on the orange link provided. NOTE - If you’re eligible for any research scholarships you will need to complete the template/process for them as well.


·         If you don’t see any blue colored scholarships in your ‘ELIGIBLE’ folder with (COMT) in the name, do the following:

o   Make sure your power cell shows 100%. If it doesn’t, click on the ‘PROFILE’ tab and answer the remaining questions that appear.

o   Key Questions - make sure you have answered all questions in your Profile accurately, especially the following. A search bar is at the top to help you find these quickly:

§  UA college(s) of study – select ‘College of Medicine (Tucson)’

§  UA Class Status is: – select ‘Medical Student’

§  What is your projected UA College of Medicine class year for the upcoming academic year? – select your upcoming year from MS1, MS2, MS3, MS4

§  Are you involved in medical research? – select your area of research or ‘None’ if not applicable to you.

§  What is your enrollment status for the academic year? – select your answer.

§  What is your citizenship status? – select your answer.