College of Medicine Scholarship

The University of Arizona’s College of Medicine (COM) has a competitive pool of scholarships that is available to entering and continuing medical students. Please review the process below applicable to your class year.


NOTE: The FAFSA must be completed before the start of each new academic year. 

Helpful tips for writing a personal statement addressing the following:

·         For each category, write towards the requirements provided by the rubric within the personal statement template

·         Emphasize your most recent experiences within each rubric category  

·         Include specifics and details concisely (e.g. hours, time frames, publications)

·         For all other extenuating circumstance details, please include in the ‘distance traveled’ category


Class Year 2019 Scholarship Process

All entering medical students will be automatically considered for the potential of COM scholarships. If an award is offered you will be notified at the time of admissions acceptance.

  • The medical school application serves as the scholarship application; no additional application is required.
  • If a scholarship is offered the student will be notified at the time of admissions acceptance.
  • Those offered scholarships must read the terms and conditions and abide by them for potential future commitments. 


Class Years 2016-2018 Scholarship Process

OPEN DATE: February 6th, 2015

DEADLINE: April 3rd, 2015


Scholarship Universe User Guide



1.       LOG IN to Scholarship Universe with your UA Net ID and Password.


2.       PROFILE – All students will have new questions to answer so select ‘NEW QUESTIONS’ in the ‘PROFILE’ tab and answer ALL questions asked to be matched to scholarships you are eligible to apply for

a.       All users – To be eligible for ‘UA/Medicine (Tucson) scholarships’ you will need to respond correctly to the ‘Key Questions’ provided in the Troubleshooting section below.


3.       ELIGIBLE FOLDER - After your profile is up to date and/or completed, look in the ‘SCHOLARSHIPS’ tab and your ‘ELIGIBLE’ folder for the scholarships with the following information: Source Type= UA & Source= Medicine(Tucson).


4.       SCHOLARSHIP DETAILS - open one of the ‘Medicine (Tucson’) scholarships and scroll down to the ‘Apply Here’ section at the bottom of the scholarship you opened. You will see instructions on how to apply. You will also see a ‘Bonus’ section if you eligible for more than one College of Medicine scholarship that shares the same application.


5.       APPLICATION STEPS - Follow ALL the instructions in the ‘Apply Here’. Make sure you download the required personal statement template(s) by clicking on the orange link provided. NOTE – If you’re eligible for any research scholarships you will need to complete the template/process for them as well as identified in the application.


6.       CONFIRMATION – Check that your ‘APPLIED’ folder in the ‘SCHOLARSHIPS’ tab contains all eligible ‘Medicine (Tucson)’ scholarships.


COM Scholarships Application & Evaluation Overview



·         Key Questions - make sure you have answered all questions in your Profile accurately, especially the following:

  • What colleges are you a member of?– select ‘Medicine, Tucson’
  • What majors are you enrolled in?: – select ‘Medicine (Medicine, Tucson)’
  • What is your projected UA College of Medicine class year for the upcoming academic year? – select your upcoming year from MS2, MS3, MS4
  • Are you involved in medical research? – select your area of research or ‘None’ if not applicable to you.